About Veronica

Veronica oils are specially designed with you in mind. Whether it's as a luxurious gift for the one you love, or for couples, massage therapists, or as a treat for yourself, you can be assured that my ingredients are from quality sources and blended with love. 

So many products today contain harmful chemicals that are bad for your skin and damaging to the environment. That is why I feel very strongly about the purity of my oils and why each bottle comes stamped with a quality seal of approval.


Veronica Sensuals was founded with a desire for producing top quality oils made from 100% pure and natural ingredients. 

With a family background in holistic therapy, having grown up in an environment where aromatherapy massage was part of my everyday life, creating therapeutic massage oils comes naturally to me.  

My body oils are everything you would want them to be when it comes to total relaxation, hydration, leaving silky smooth skin with a lingering delicate aroma.

Made in the USA and great for all skin types, Veronica oils are ideal for body, head and foot massage, hair, skin and nail treatments or as an all over intensive body moisturizer. Used by massage therapists as aromatherapy massage oils, each natural oil softens skin without feeling greasy. 

Premium-grade, paraben, preservative and animal-cruelty free, my deeply moisturizing, nourishing lightweight oils are both indulgent and luxurious, leaving skin feeling pampered.

Indulge your senses with Veronica oils in the palm of your hand.