Why Do We Crave Human Touch?

If you have ever wondered why most people like the human 'touch", you have to look at skin and the art of touching.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and is composed of several layers including glands, nerve endings, fat, vessels, hairs, roots, muscles and all are connected to the central nervous system.

We become aware of the magic of touch as babies from the moment we are born, throughout our lives until we die. When your newborn grandchild holds your finger for the first time, you are hooked for life.

We only become aware of how important our skin is when things go wrong. When toxins build up in the blood, or with hormone imbalance or nervous and emotional difficulties, our skin suffers. 


Why Human Touch Is So Important

Because our skin is super absorbent and sensitive it responds to the art of touch and massage. Within minutes of having a massage, the nerve endings in your skin sends messages to your brain and you immediately start to unwind, your muscles relax and your mind empties of all thoughts.

The medical world would need less anti-depressants if everyone could have a body massage once a week. Hand and foot massages have similar effects - such is the power of touch.

Why Touch is Important in a Relationship

Why Touch is Important in a Relationship

With intimate relationships, the art of touch is essential for maintaining a good partnership, whether it is holding hands, stroking, hugging, tickling or massaging.

For centuries therapeutic touch has been used in many therapies which include Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Chiropractice, Healing, Massage, Osteopathy, Reiki, Shiatsu, to name just a few.

Try this simple exercise to get in touch with your partner's power of touch:

  • Sit opposite your partner and place a cushion and towel on your knee.
  • Have Veronica's Romantic Body Massage Oil or hand cream to hand. 
  • Hold your partner's hand, placing their hand on the cushion, and close your eyes to connect to your partner's energy.
  • Apply oil or cream to their hand and gently massage each hand. Take one hand in yours and start by gently massaging the palm of their hand with your thumbs, putting pressure on the heel of the thumb.
  • Now massage each finger from base to the tip, whilst slightly rotating.
  • Apply thumb pressure to the fleshy parts of each finger at the tip, then work the wrists and slightly up the arm.
  • This is just the beginning of starting to connect to your partners energy fields, whilst looking into their eyes. Take about 20 minutes for each hand.
  • Deep breathe and take in the moment to close down the hand massage. Disconnect with the hand and take a few moments to finish the massage.
  • Reflect on the power and art of touch and close down the energies. 

Now you have had a glimpse of the wonders of skin and the art of touch, you will appreciate how important touch is in our everyday life, and how our skin needs to be treated with love, care and the respect it deserves. 

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