The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender (botanical name Lavandula) has been used for thousands of years in medicines and beauty treatments, which is why every home should have a bottle of this truly indispensable oil. In this article I explore the amazing benefits of Lavender Essential Oil.

Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Used by the ancient Romans and Greeks to scent bathing oils, freshen rooms and perfume the body, the word "Lavender" is believed to come from the Latin "Lavare" meaning "to wash" or "Livendula" meaning "to be livid or bluish".

It’s many uses and qualities as an antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-depressant, sedative and detoxifier means it’s loved by amateurs and professionals alike. 

It stimulates the immune system and helps the healing process via the cells of a wound. It also lifts the spirit and calms the effects of psychological shock and injury. 

Lavender is grown in many countries in both hot and mild climates. The quality and aroma of the oil which is extracted from the flowers of the Lavender depends on the type of soil, rainfall, temperature and atmosphere of that country. 

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil for Sleep and Anxiety

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil for Sleep and Anxiety

Such is the power of Lavender Essential Oil that a just a few drops can ease and calm the mind and relax muscles; while a higher dosage can have the opposite effect to awaken the mind and enliven the mood. So in effect, a massage with Lavender Essential Oil in the mornings or when you are feeling the effects of the day ahead can pick you up and open your mind, whereas a massage in the evenings can calm and destress you and prepare you for a restful sleep. 

Therapists and aromatherapy masseurs prefer Lavender Essential Oil used either on it’s own or with other essential oils in a blend with a base oil, as one of the safest oils to use. The perfect ingredient for a relaxing massage oil, for use on stiff, sore joints or softening the hands and skin, and sometimes used as a first oil for infants (along with Mandarin) in massages. 

Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

If you’ve ever walked past a Lavender bush and stroked its flowers, you will know the effect the perfume has on you. Aromas can bring back memories from the past, which explains the limbic system in the memory part of the brain being next to the olfactory bulb in the nose. One smell can retrieve long lost memories - that’s the magic of lavender. 

If you have a headache, instead of reaching for the headache tablets, try putting one drop of Lavender Essential Oil on your temples and massage very gently with the middle finger in circles. An aching joint can also be alleviated by rubbing in a couple of drops of Lavender Oil. 

Lavender Essential Oil is also excellent mixed with water (6 drops) in a spray for using in hospitals or as a hand spray for warding off colds and flu. 

Best Type of Lavender Essential Oil

What is the Best Type of Lavender Essential Oil

It is vital the source and purity of the Lavender Essential Oil you are using is known. Lavender used to be grown mainly in France and England but now can be grown in many countries, including the USA, Bulgaria and China. While subtle, each oil will vary in aroma and effect depending on the country where they are grown. 

Lavender Oil is produced by two methods, either steam distillation or water distillation by using the flowering tops of the plant to extract and isolate the plant's essential oils. While steam distillation is the most popular method, water distillation involves submerging the Lavender flower in pure boiling water, which protects the extracted oil from overheating. 

When choosing your Lavender Essential Oil the purity of the oil is vital to benefit from the oil's unique therapeutic effects. Lavender from the Provence region of France is known for it's beautiful floral aroma and high ester content, while Lavender from Bulgaria has a sharper aroma and camphor content.

40/42 Lavender Essential Oil is also known as a blended oil, obtained from multiple crops. Many aromatherapists dislike using this type of oil, preferring a single crop natural oil just as Mother Nature intended.

This is why the wild Lavender used in Veronica's Lavender Massage Oil is organically hand-harvested from Provence, to ensure the purest and best quality.

Now we can understand why Lavender Essential Oil is known as the 'Mother' of all essential oils and why this truly amazing oil deserves a special place in every home.

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