Hidden Chemicals In Our Everyday Life

When was the last time you checked the ingredients on the labels of your everyday foods, household and beauty products?

Do you recognise what they are and what they are meant to do?

There are so many additives in our foods and skin products now that the original main ingredient is greatly adulterated. The foods that our grandmothers cooked bear no comparison to today's foods. Certain chemicals and preservatives are used to prolong shelf-life and to prevent products going 'off', but are these very preservatives affecting our health?

Skin Allergies Are On The Increase

chemicals in everyday products that are harmful

Additives in skin products today are responsible for the increase in allergies and are rising quite dramatically. Artificial 'parfum' and 'fragrances' in skin care products can cause severe reactions, hence the rise in organic products.

If your usual skin product is suddenly causing problems, it could be that the ingredients have been changed so it's worth checking with the manufacturer. Even our washing products and shampoos are loaded with chemicals.

Sodium Laurel Sulphate (preservative) is now added to many products as well as colorings to make it more appealing to the eye, and we are paying the price of these often unnecessary additives.

Our rivers and seas are frequently used as dumping grounds for chemical and industrial waste which have been sealed into lead containers and dropped to the bottom of our oceans. As these chemicals begin to leak they affect the surrounding sea life, changing their gender and physiology. If these toxic chemicals can affect our wildlife, imagine what they can do to us who use them daily without question.

It's Time to Go Back to Nature

Natural Beauty Products Without Chemicals

Going 'back to nature' is the way forward, either in the kitchen or the bathroom. "You are what you eat" has never been truer. It can begin with small changes by reading food and beauty product labels and making informed choices. Fewer ingredients usually means less additives.

Do your research on the internet if in doubt about any ingredient in your daily products to find out exactly what these additives do.

Not being too obsessive is the key to looking after your largest organ - your skin, and questioning everything you put inside your body. It will pay you dividends in the end.


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