Embracing Your Feet - Natural Tips for Foot & Nail Care

Feet are the most neglected parts of our bodies and we ignore their importance at our peril. 

Our feet are composed of 26 bones, 107 tendons, 19 muscles and many nerve endings. Look closely at the shape of the sole of the foot and it resembles the shape of the human body. The pressure points in your foot passes its energies to the same point in your body - Chinese medicine has been practising this enigma for centuries, otherwise known as Reflexology. 

How to treat fungal nail infection

Bacteria and fungal germs love to thrive in a humid atmosphere like the feet. Some simple and effective natural oil remedies for feet include: 

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Cider Vinegar
  • Lavender Essential Oil 

A simple foot bath with 4 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a bowl filled with warm water will leave your feet refreshed and cleansed, followed by a foot massage with oil blended with Eucalyptus and Tree Tree oils.

Dry feet and heels also benefit from a foot massage with oils, followed by covering your feet overnight with pure cotton socks, to allow time for the oil to penetrate and soften skin while sleeping.

How to Treat Fungal Nail Infection

How to care for feet

Paying attention to your toenails is important too. Fungal nail infection can affect fingernails and toenails and is a lot more common than people realise. A fungal nail infection occurs when a fungus attacks a nail or skin under the nailbed. If your nails are discolored, distorted and difficult to cut, you probably have a fungal infection.

Instead of taking oral medication for the infection (which are often toxic and can damage your liver), a simple cure can be achieved by putting a drop of either Tea Tree, Eucalyptus or Lavender Essential Oil down the tip of your toenails after a shower or bath (both feet have to be treated as it's highly infectious).

If you have fungal nail infection then other members of your family are likely to have it too. It could take several months of treatment to cure it, so perseverance is essential here.

A Foot Massage Exercise To Try at Home

How to give a foot massage to a women

Foot massage is one of the most relaxing treatments you can give to your partner.

All you need is a bowl of warm water, towel and a pillow or cushion, making sure your partner is sitting or lying comfortably. 

  • After bathing and drying the feet, warm Veronica's Coconut Oil or Vanilla Oil in your hands and gently massage the whole of one foot whilst resting it on a pillow, keeping the other foot covered with a towel. 
  • Start at the heel and ankle with circular movements taking care with the bones of the ankle, then move along the sides of the foot with both hands concentrating on the sole of the foot.
  • Gently use both thumbs to put pressure on the sole, then the heel of the big toe and gently twisting each toe from base to tip. Use your thumb to press and rotate the fleshy part of each toe. 
  • Finish by massaging the whole foot with both hands and cover with a towel to keep the foot warm. Repeat on the other foot.
  • Cover the feet and allow time for your partner to rest and enjoy the benefit of the foot massage.

Embrace Your Feet for a Healthy Life

    If you treat your feet with the respect they deserve, they will last a lifetime causing you very few problems. After all, your whole body depends on your feet. They might be small compared to the rest of your body, but they carry around a lot of weight 24 hours a day. Taking time to embrace your feet is the best insurance for a healthy life. 

    In my next article, I'll be sharing the magic of a good night's sleep and the easy steps you can take to ensure a peaceful rest.

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