10 Things You Can Do With Lavender Essential Oil

In this article, I share 10 interesting things Lavender Oil is good for ...


1. Lavender Oil assists with deep sleep. Just two drops on a pillow at night is all that is needed for a calming, peaceful and relaxing night's sleep.

2. Lavender Essential Oil will stop a burn developing into a blister. Simply apply neat to any burn immediately after injury, to prevent the blister developing.

3. Lavender Oil helps to neutralize and eliminate bad odors. To freshen the air, add a few drops to an Aromatherapy diffuser or to a spray bottle mixed with half water and half alcohol for a natural car, room and clothes freshener.

4. This miraculous essential oil is often mixed in a synergistic blend with other essential oils for a more effective therapeutic massage. 

5. Lavender also helps to get rid of fungal nail infection when applied neat to clean feet. Adding a couple of drops to the affected area after showering, continuing to apply daily for several weeks.

6. Lavender Oil inside your wardrobe will help to ward off moths. For quick DIY, add a few drops to a cotton pad and place inside your wardrobe or drawers.

7. Applied to acne, Lavender Oil can stop spots from developing. After cleansing, before applying make-up, apply a couple of drops to a Q-tip and dab onto spots.

8. The Lavender Oil's natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties helps to treat athletes foot. Mix a few drops with your favorite foot cream, taking care to apply between toes where fungal infections thrive.

9. Rubbed into the temples Lavender Oil can alleviate headaches. The next time you feel a headache coming on, apply a drop of oil to each index finger, and gently rub into your temples.

10. Lavender Essential Oil is known as the "Mother" of essential oils and is widely used by aromatherapists as a favorite oil in body and foot massage. 

Bonus Tip: Many people when flying, tend to get sick not long afterwards. This is often due to the circulated cabin air, that acts as an incubus for all sorts of germs. Next time you fly, before the plane takes off, apply a couple of drops to a tissue, hold the tissue to your nose and inhale for a minute or two. Believe it or not, this helps to kill bacteria and fungi that is lurking in the air, which you inhale. As the oil coats your nasal hair it helps to strengthen the immune system and ward off germs being inhaled.

Do you have any great Lavender Oil uses or tips for health and home? If so, share them with me below, I'd love to hear from you!

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